Fun with collage making!

Plan a layout first!

Lets have a tiger on the foreground, giraffe and bushes on the middle ground, trees on the background…and not forgetting our focal point! Yes! This is our children’s January workshop! They learnt to draw and paint, how to plan and compose a well balanced picture, and most important of all, they enjoyed and had so much fun!

"Is your monkey too shy? Is that why it's hiding behind the tree?"

We are so proud of you!

Making use of simple paper cut objects to form images is definitely a great exercise that I would recommend parents to try it out at home with your children. Let them plan and try out different sets of composition and encourage them to tell stories about it, this will help them in finding focal point in the pictures!

Last but not least, thank you once again for the support from all parents! Do not forget to check out our latest FEBRUARY WORKSHOP updates!! Seeya again!

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