March & April workshop: All About Painting + Art Jamming (all ages!)

hand and brush

March & April workshop: All About Painting + Art Jamming (all ages!)


  • Parent & Child session S$80/per pair/3hrs
  • Adult session S$50/per person/3hrs

Date and time:

  • Parent & Child (16~20th March 1-4pm), (Every Sunday for April 1-4pm)
  • Adult (Every Saturday for March & April 1-4pm)

Class Size: Min.3 to Max.6

Venue: RON’s Studio, Blk B #03-03, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, S439053

Ever wonder why a painting works with just a few strokes and colours? Or ever get curious about the trades and tools of painting? If you are, come and get to know the little secrets and tricks in making a painting work through “All About Painting” workshop by artist Ron Wong! Apart from learning, it is definitely going to be a great bonding time for all families and friends too!

About the workshop: You will be taught how to paint and learn about the usage of tools and the magic of colour mixing for the first hour of workshop, followed by your own personal art jamming session for 2 hours. (Additional time will be charged at $8/hr)

There will be 2 types of workshops: Parent & child / Adult. Each type is customized to suit the different needs and focus of students.

For Art Jamming session, you may want to bring a picture for reference or create your own imaginative concept on the spot. Each person will be provided with

  • one standard 46cm x 46cm canvas
  • one easel
  • one palette
  • brushes
  • apron
  • Unlimited flow of acrylic paint.

For parent and child, you can choose to work on separate standard canvas or together on one large 60cm x 60cm canvas. Please state your preference in your registration.

Last but not least, we have nice brewed coffee, tea, juices, and finger snacks in our cosy studio, all free and self-service. Please help to keep the place clean as the workshop is conducted in an artist’s private studio, we do not hope to have ants visiting us soon!

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