Kinder Art focuses on imagination, emotional and cognitive development of young children through activities that involve storytelling and craft making.

     At this stage, children may draw pictures out of proportion and exaggerate things that are important to them. These active imaginations can take form through art. We value this creativity for it raises children’s self-esteem which is important.



     Students will be using mainly crayons, markers and paintbrushes which help to practice the fine motor control that they will need for writing later on. Syllabus may vary based on student’s progression and may not be in ascending order.

  • BEGINNER : Colour & Texture

Activities include: Liney Hairy & Patchy, Magic Potion Making, Find Our Way Home, My Night Lamp(SPECIAL!) …& many more!

  • INTERMEDIATE : Lines & Shapes

Activities include: Follow the lines, Pizza Party, Sticky sticky, Hair & Hats, Trees in Seasons, Guess Who’s Me(SPECIAL!)…& many more!

  • ADVANCE : Proportion & Composition

Activities include: Home Sweet Home, Here comes Detective!, Animal Collage(SPECIAL!) …& many more!


(All materials inclusive)





     Junior Art focuses further on cognitive development in children through fun activities that involve conceptual planning and problem solving. This is a stage where children are trained to develop higher accuracy, observation and patience as they get to work into details. New techniques and mediums will be introduced.



Syllabus may vary based on student’s progression and may not be in ascending order.

  • BEGINNER : Lines & Shapes

Activities include: Secret Garden, Engraving Lines, My Blinking Eyes, My Night Lamp(SPECIAL!) …& many more!

  • INTERMEDIATE : Proportion & Composition

Activities include: Anyone Home?, Aunty Gorgeous & Uncle Fabulous, Season Vegetables, Build a House(SPECIAL!)…& many more!

  • ADVANCE : Perspective & Advanced Composition

Activities include: Dancing Friends, Aquarium, My Agamograph, Kaleidoscope(SPECIAL!) …& many more!


(All materials inclusive)